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Health Equity Planning & Clinical Trial Recruiting

Profound disparities in health and well-being among racial and ethnic populations persist in the United States. Lack of clinical trial diversity is a key barrier to understanding the safety and efficacy of novel therapies and patient care, which is essential for advancing health equity. For instance, while 47% of Black/African Americans and 30% of Hispanic/Latino suffer from heart disease, they only represent 4% and 11% respectively, of clinical trial participants for new cardiometabolic medicines.

Barriers to participation in clinical trials include lack of awareness of the availability of clinical trials and where/how to participate, eligibility, enrollment practices, cost and medical mistrust by underrepresented communities and populations. We believe the essence of meaningful engagement is building partnerships to foster trust through bi-directional communications as well as to

co-create strategies and solutions among all stakeholders in order to promote lasting change.

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i³ Strategy Partners bridges the gap between pharmaceutical companies and communities of color to achieve better health outcomes through our highly effective and proven service delivery.

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