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The need to achieve true differentiation is focusing on a different mindset.

The Healthcare Industry is rapidly changing and we help companies uncover actionable Insights, determine Implications and design comprehensive Implementation plans and engage underserved + overlooked communities.

Our Core Purpose

Is for all communities to have better access to quality healthcare and we can do this by supporting, providing

services and information to pharmaceutical
companies and healthcare providers.


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Our Core Capabilities

Span across the spectrum of stakeholders and encompass:

  • Health equity research and planning

  • Clinical trial recruiting of diverse patients

  • Diverse community engagement

  • Brand planning and commercial consulting


Whether you have a pressing business question that i³ can help you solve or a specific business need for one of the services below, we can help enable effective decision-making at every step in the brand development process; from the inception of the brand through loss of exclusivity.  All our business offerings are implemented through the i³ Impact Accelerator, a proven process we’ve used to help healthcare clients effectively engage and activate key stakeholders.

This is Who We Are

Highly experienced pharma leaders

  • Cross functional team with decades of combined experience in clinical development, patient finding and motivation as well as cutting edge data science.

  • We've identified 8 essentials to motivating geographically co-located communities

Multi-cultural/multi-lingual team

  • Who understand the experiences shared by different communities of color.

  • Our team is well-positioned to engage the community and help companies navigate the highly complex and at times controversial topics of health disparities and clinical trial diversity.

This Is What We Do

Engaged in the community

  • We've mapped several diverse patient journeys and have a deep understanding of the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH)

  • Piloting solutions and are deeply connected with community leaders, e.g. Black doctor organizations, faith community, etc

We Understand The Space

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We’ve grown a unique capability in engaging and activating non-traditional, diverse micro-communities such as Black/African American, Latino, rural, LGBTQIA2S+ and other underserved/overlooked communities whose needs are not always understood or considered.
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Learn what strategies will work uniquely to unlock the full potential of your brand or organization.

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